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New Jersey Red Line Flag Board

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NEW JERSEY Thin Red Line Wood Flag:


This NEW JERSEY shaped Thin Blue Line Wood Flag is roughly 14" x 10".


Thin RED Line Wood Flag:


The Thin RED Line is a symbol used by law enforcement in the United States and Canada to commemorate fallen officers and to symbolize the relationship of the fire man police in the community as the protectors of the citizenry from the criminal element.


Each stripe on the emblem represents certain respective figures: the blue center line represents law enforcement, the top black stripe represents the public whilst the bottom represents the criminals. The idea behind the graphic is that law enforcement (the blue line) is what stands between the violence and victimization by criminals of the would-be victims of crime.


Each piece made here at AC Millworks . Is handmade with care in the USA. This is made with all natural Baltic Birch Plywood with a real wood flamed edge detail on all red Line Boards. The artwork is on aluminum with vibrant coloring .The aluminum is inlay into the wood and is durable enough to be used as a serving tray or display board . Each order will include shark tooth hanging brackets for wall mounting if you choice to hang it on a wall . These boards can be used as a serving tray, or a cheese/bread board. The Aluminum pictured side CANNOT be used as a low impact cutting board, but the opposite side may be used as such.

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